Red Lion Closure Affects Other Hotels

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene just lost 130 hotel rooms after the Red Lion Hotel on Coburg Road announced it’s closing next month.

Now the question is, with all the events Eugene hosts will there be a shortage of hotel rooms?

Travel Lane County says the Red Lion has been in the community for 51 years, and it’s always been a popular choice because of it’s central location. So it’s departure will have a great effect. But new opportunities are coming soon.

“It’s definitely going to create a loss in the community in terms of the many sporting groups that love to stay there, a lot of leisure travelers who like to stay there especially for football games, and other conference groups,” said Lisa Lawton, Travel Lane County.

Lawton says the hotel has 137 rooms, so it’s closure will impact the community. But she doesn’t believe it puts the city in a crunch for hotels.

“With change comes opportunity, so we’re looking forward to the new opportunities that will come into the fold as this hotel closes,” Lawton said.

Folks at the Valley River Inn agree. They say there are new hotels in the works, so there is no need to worry about a lack of places to stay.

“No, there isn’t going to be a crunch. It is going to have an impact on existing customers, but I believe everything will work it’s way out,” said Jim Meyers, Valley River Inn.

“We have three properties that are being talked about for development. We have one under way–The Candlewood Suites–and we’re very excited about the new product,” Lawton said.

“The city continues to grow with TrackTown, with football, with the university, with the corporate business, and so there is new development plan for the hotel community,” Myers said.

Lawton says the number one priority right now is to find hotel rooms for those who won’t be able to stay at the Red Lion. Myers says Valley River Inn is helping accommodate the displaced customers who booked rooms next year at the Red Lion Hotel.

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