Relay for Life Fundraiser Goal on Track

EUGENE, Ore. — Eugene and Springfield residents rallied for the cause last weekend for Relay for Life.

Now that clean-up is complete, the focus now shifts to the numbers. Preliminary reports show this relay is right on track.

Walkers came by the hundreds–survivors, families, local companies, and ordinary people–with an extraordinary goal: to find a cure for cancer.

The numbers aren’t yet finalized, but organizers are calling this year’s relay a huge success with at least 6,500 participants, 134 teams and 1,500 luminaria bags.

By closing ceremonies Saturday, supporters raised a total of $580,000 for cancer research. And money is still coming in.

“Everybody did something that was unique to them and special to them that really makes this event add up to what it is. So whether it was a fundraiser or just a $20 donation it all adds up to be the sixth largest ‘relay’ in the world,” said Brenda Webber, American Cancer Society.

The American Cancer Society expects to reach its goal of $681,000 for the area by the end of August. Money raised will also go to a number of cancer programs and services for cancer patients and their families in Lane County, including the Willamette Valley Cancer Institute. Between $100,000 and $140,000 usually comes in after the event. Donors have until the end of August to turn in their money.

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