Relay for Life’s Devoted Volunteers

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EUGENE, Ore. — A tribute to the hard work and dedication of local Relay for Life volunteers. The 24-hour event, with more than 8,000 participants, wrapped up Saturday, but we found two volunteers still cleaning up the track at Willamette High School Monday morning.

Kristie Reeser, the logistics chair, started setting up for the event on Wednesday and spent the nights providing security. Monday she was picking up tiny pieces of trash.

“My bestie has been out with me almost the entire time and I had an awesome logistics crew, and we are just about done. We are working it as hard as we can to get it done (laughs),” Reeser said.

The clean-up is finally complete.

A total of 70 volunteers had a hand in making this year’s Relay for Life a success, raising $610,000.

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