Released Inmate Arrested for Robbery

EUGENE, Ore. — Less than an hour after the Lane County Jail released more than two dozen inmates, one of them landed back in the jail.

Investigators say Christopher Weaver got out at 11 a.m. Fifty-five minutes later he’s accused walking into the Pacific Continental Bank on High Street, giving a teller a note and leaving with cash.

A detailed description from bank staff helped officers track him down minutes later.

This just points to one of the main concerns surrounding these releases.

We’ll have reaction to this recent round of jail cuts on KEZI 9 News at 5.


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  1. shawn voshall says:

    He must of needed a warm cot and 3 sq meals!! at least he did’nt hurt anyone..

  2. Marco Cota says:

    If we are going to be releasing we should develop an identification system which could help reduce repeat offences. Our entire department of corrections system needs to incorporate some wisdom in its operations, not just the policy of 3 hots and a cot for days, years or months for anyone. The current system is the main problem, it is probably the one system in the world that does not discriminate. Someone who robs a bank or sexually abuses a child should be discriminated from someone pulled over for one to many drinks. Marco Cota author of crime prevention subjects.

  3. Eye for an Eye says:

    I agree with Marco Cota. I also believe there would be a lot more room in jail if we didn’t put people in jail for “life” for heinous crimes such as the dirtbag that beat his girlfriend to death. In cases like that we need to eliminate that individual. There is no reason he should be allowed to live and be fed, kept warm and dry. Not to mention jam up the court system with a person that guilty beyond a doubt. They do not deserve Due Process or Individual rights. The rights belong to the family of the victim. The family of the victim should be allowed to string the dirtbag up from a tree like a piƱata and beat him to death. Hence “eye for an eye.” that would send a message and free-up some beds! I know this sounds harsh but giving someone “life” for taking a life seems absurd…

  4. maybe?? says:

    maybe they should do something like tent city. out here in AZ there is tent city, its horrid in the summer so I imagine allways being wet would be a good incentive to not be sent to tent city in OR.. Just saying.

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