Remembering Officer Chris Kilcullen

By Jessica Debbas

EUGENE, Ore. — A 12-year veteran of the Eugene Police Department, who many say was a great asset to this community, is being remembered by family and friends after he was killed in the line of duty Friday night.

“From the very beginning, he was one of those outgoing, entertaining, pleasure to be around young men,” said John Kilcullen, father of Chris Kilcullen.

John is a proud father with nothing but words of praise for his son Chris.

“[He] would help anyone that needed help,” said the father.

John knows he’s not biased because Chris was his son — he heard it from everyone that ever made contact with Chris.

“It was nothing unusual for one of the people that had just gotten fined a ticket that Chris had issued to come in and tell the clerk they didn’t even mind paying the ticket because Chris was such a nice guy,” said John.

Chris Kilcullen was a graduate of Willamette High School and got a degree in sociology from the University of Oregon.

He was a part-time disc jockey through college and afterward enrolled in the police academy before becoming a Eugene police officer, a job he held for 12 years.

Chris Kilcullen became a motorcycle officer to have weekends off and spend more time with his family.

John Kilcullen says Chris was a good father to an 11-year-old and 4-year-old daughter and husband to his wife of eight years.

John Kilcullen says, not only did Chris love his family, but he loved his job.

“Chris was out there just trying to make it safe for everybody,” said John Kilcullen. “It’s just not fair. I just don’t understand it.”

John Kilcullen wants everyone to know that Chris was a good guy, and that his laugh and love of life would remain forever in their hearts.

A vigil will be held for officer Chris Kilcullen Saturday night at Eugene City Hall at 8pm.

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