Remembering Russell Penn

russ_penn1EUGENE, Ore. — We’re learning more about the man police say was found dead in his home in west Eugene Monday.

Loved ones say Russell Penn was a major part of the local music community.

According to Facebook, Penn was the lead guitarist of the band Two Lane Blacktop. Friends describe him as kind and loving, but say Penn was going through a hard time ever since his girlfriend died last summer.

Fellow local musician Paul Biondi says he remembers Penn fondly.

“We’d have get together and fundraisers, and Russ would always show up and be supportive, even if he wasn’t playing. He’d be supportive of the other musicians,” Biondi said. “So he was a really nice guy, and we’re all concerned about the circumstances of what has happened.”

Police were working at Penn’s home on Archie Street in west Eugene on Friday. They’ve been there since Monday afternoon, conducting a criminal investigation into his death.

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