Rep. DeFazio Addresses Syria Concerns

EUGENE, Ore. — Oregon Congressman Peter DeFazio is urging President Obama to consult with Congress before taking any military action.

DeFazio says it’s obvious Assad and his regime are committing war crimes against the Syrian people. But more than 150 members of Congress have signed two different letters urging the president to consult with Congress and get its authorization before involving the United States in the Syrian civil war.

“He certainly has the opportunity to, and since he is actively engaging and continuing diplomacy, there are a lot of steps that could be taken to further isolate Syria and the regime,” DeFazio said.

DeFazio says once Congress is back in session he’ll introduce legislation to amend the War Powers Act because he says it currently creates a bit of grey area in congressional war powers.

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  1. jim & elaine hart says:

    We’re with you! We think Obama boxed himself in with the “cross the line” comment. Not good. What about the “Arab league doing more for their people”? Why does it always fall on the U.S.? They’ve got all our oil money, put it to some humanitarian good!

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