Rep. DeFazio Requests Gas Price Inquiry

May 18, 2012

By Kelsey Card

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — While the rest of the country’s gas prices drop off, we’ve seen a spike.

One Oregon politician is fed up and says the timing of the price increase is fishy.

Congressman Peter DeFazio plans to find out the real reasons for why we keep seeing this increase on the West Coast.

The national average for a gallon of gas is 50 cents cheaper than the Eugene average Friday.

Here you’ll pay about $4.20 cents a gallon.

DeFazio thinks one company in particular may be up to no good.

“The largest refinery of cartel in California decided to schedule maintenance just before Memorial Day weekend and go, ‘oops, there’s a shortage, and we gotta jack up the price,'” DeFazio said.

Customers feeling the pinch have the same hunch.

DeFazio says the recent run-up is suspicious at best.

So he contacted the president’s task force on energy price manipulation and asked it to launch an immediate investigation into gas price manipulation on the West Coast.

Between drivers and gas attendants, people seem to have some hope that a potential investigation might bring down these high prices.

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