Report Card is in For 4J Common Schedule

EUGENE, Ore.  — The first report card is in for 4J, as it works to transition all of its high schools to a common schedule.

Churchill High School was the first school to implement the new schedule.

The school board heard a breakdown of how the first trimester went.

Teachers say the new system allows for more instructional time and a better class culture.

The change isn’t without a few growing pains.

4J Director of Secondary Education Laurie Moses says teachers are still trying to figure out the best workload for them and their students.

“Students are experiencing what the homework loads are like,” she exclaimed in an interview. “Early on it was clear teachers needed to adjust the amount of homework they gave, because it was different on an everyday schedule.”

Several parents did express concerns for the implementation of the common schedule at all middle schools.

The board is still trying to figure out the best way to make the transition.

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