Report Projects Bleak Future for Stores

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Yahoo Finance report lists the top eight retailers expected to close stores during 2013.  All of these retailers have stores in Eugene and Springfield.  The report said dim holiday sales contributed to less than ideal annual revenue for these companies.

Four of the retailers on the list have stores in Valley River Center. These include Radio Shack, Game Stop, and J.C. Penney. Barnes and Noble, located right across from the mall, also made it onto the list.  In Springfield over at Gateway Mall, both Best Buy and Sears made the top eight list.

For one shopper, seeing Barnes and Noble close wouldn’t sit well.  “It’s one of my favorite stores because I don’t know I like the atmosphere. I like to go in, get a coffee and just browse around,” said Nathan Myers, a weekly Barnes and Noble shopper.

Office supply stores Office Max and Office Depot round out the top eight.

So how likely is it that our local stores will close? It’s predicted J.C. Penney will close as many as 350 stores, or 31 percent of its stores.  Barnes and Noble officials said they plan to close as many as 240 stores, which equals 35 percent of the stores.

Although Sears is expected to close up to 125 stores, they’re the retailer expected to close the slimmest percent of stores at 7 percent.

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  1. Just Bob says:

    Not suprising considering Oregon ran by idiots. And I might add America having the same problem.

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