Rescue Crews Gear Up for a Busy Weekend

EUGENE, Ore. — With seven reservoirs, three rivers and more than three dozen lakes, Lane County Search and Rescue said it’s amping up for a weekend full of floating and swimming. But there are only three Marine Patrol Deputies and Search and Rescue on call for Lane County, stretching them thin.

Marine Patrol said they plan to manage this issue by focusing on the problem areas, including Fern Ridge, Dexter and Fall Creek.

They also said people need to focus on their personal safety, this weekend.

“We recommend adults as well as kids who use float tubes and go down the river and just to get wet and cool off. Also have a life jacket because a float tube is not bullet proof,” said John Miller of Lane County Search and Rescue.

Lane County Search and Rescue said they also worry about those trying out new boats and tubes this weekend and said safety is key.

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