Rescue Crews Pull Body from Willamette

EUGENE, Ore. — Emergency crews and a water rescue team responded to a call about a body in the Willamette River Wednesday afternoon.

Eugene police say someone driving on the I-105 freeway looked down and saw what they thought to be a person in the water.

They drove to Skinner Butte Park and used binoculars to get a closer look, then called 9-1-1.

A water rescue team was on scene within minutes and pulled the body, which was stuck on a snag in the middle of the river, out of the water.

Officers say that witness did just the right thing to help emergency crews respond as quickly as possible.

“Continue to watch as best as possible, so that we can send the resources — the water rescue team — to the appropriate location and affect a rescue, which is normally what we’re hoping for when we have someone in the water,” said Lieutenant Sean McGann with the Eugene Police Department.

Police say the body is that of a male, but they have not yet released any further identification.

Investigation in conjunction with the medical examiner is ongoing.

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