Residents Want More Police Presence

CRESWELL, Ore. – Resident were on edge Tuesday after a shooting late Monday night. The city doesn’t have a police department and now, there are two possibly armed men on the loose.

The city of Creswell contracts with the Lane County Sheriff’s Office for law enforcement services and has two full time deputies patrolling the area. After Monday night’s shooting and a rash of break-ins and burglaries in April, residents wonder if the city needs a larger police presence.

“Just the waiting and the waiting and the waiting it felt like it was forever,” said resident April Wyler.

Wyler remembers waiting for police to arrive when her sister-in-law needed help.

“A couple years ago my sister in law died of an overdose and it took police a good 45 minutes,” Wyler said.

The city of Creswell has about 5,000 people, but no police department.

After the shooting Monday night on the 500 block of Scarbrough Avenue and two possibly armed suspects on the loose, residents question if that’s enough.

“The response time is really bothersome. The whole point of having police is to deter crime and prevent crime, not to clean up after the mess,” said one resident.

Residents say the city has seen quite a bit of criminal activity recently.

“I was talking to a friend at work last night, he was talking about how his house got broken in not too long ago, and two houses down were broken into and they’re doing it right in the middle of the day,” the resident said.

With a limited sheriff’s presence, residents fear of becoming an easy target for criminals.

“They need to work on some kind of solution and they need to get it going pretty fast because it seems to me that the word is out in Creswell that we don’t have police and it’s an easy target,” the resident said.

Residents have taken their concerns into their own hands and created a neighborhood watch page on Facebook where users share suspicious activity and describe suspects to be on the lookout for.


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  1. Marc says:

    We are selling our house and moving to Cottage Grove because there is no police force here in Creswell. We have called numerous times (mostly Monday Nights) and no officer is available. City hall’s response was for us to initiate a noise complaint for the illegal fireworks. I pointed out that the issue was not only the noise late at night, but that they were ILLEGAL FIREWORKS that my neighbor was lighting. #weareleavinghickville

    1. urconfused says:

      If you are leaving Creswell becasue of illegal fireworks you will be sorely disappointed. Cottage GRove has 10 times the illegal fireworks and the police dont respond there either. If they are between July 2nd and July 6th not much is done. Outside of that time, yes call the police. Happy Independence day to you too.

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