Resident React to Oakridge Voting Recall

OAKRIDGE, Ore. — The day after the elections, Oakridge residents, those who voted no and those who said yes, are weighing in on the results.

It divided the town and the election results prove it.  But now residents are hoping the city can heal and move on.

The residents say the recall election pitted neighbor against neighbor. And the day after, it’s the same. Some say they’re disappointed, and that the current administration should be punished for getting the city in this mess. But others say they’re happy because the recall was more destructive than helpful.

“Some of the residents aren’t too happy with city hall, but I think the silent majority spoke out. I’m ecstatic about the results,” said Oakridge resident Doug Bates.

“I really believe that if we had had the other 40-percent that should have voted, I think the recall would be different than what it is now,” said Oakridge resident Tom Copeland.

“There were just as many for it as there were against it. So you just have to realize that nothing surprises you,” said Oakridge resident Farlane Vester.

The Lane County Elections Office says 63 percent of voters turned out for this election. That’s about 993 ballots so far.

Mayor Donald Hampton says he’s calling this recall a misuse of the process and will be looking for a legislative answer to a definition for a recall.

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