Residents Avoiding Slick Roads

EUGENE, Ore. — The city is asking residents to avoid the slick roads if possible.

Residents in Eugene say they’re happy to stay home and avoid the roads, especially those living in the south hills neighborhoods.

Residents were outside walking and doing other snow related activities but they say that’s about all they’re going to be doing Sunday. Driving is not on the agenda.

Neighbors in the south hills say they’ve seen people park at the bottom and walk up because it’s too slippery to drive up.

Steve Bullock and his family say people have driven up and down but most neighbors they’ve spoken to say they’re opting to stay in.

He and his family say they’re all staying at his house to avoid driving, even relatives from Springfield are hanging around until the conditions get better.

“I had to drive yesterday. I had to run to the store and grab a few provisions but other than that, I stayed home,” said Steve Bullock, a Eugene resident.

“I wouldn’t drive unless you have to. I don’t even know how I’m going to get home tonight. I might be staying another night,” said Holly Coontz from Springfield.

Holly Coontz says her trip from Springfield to the south hills is usually around 15 minutes but on Saturday, it took her about 45 minutes.

Residents aren’t the only ones avoiding the roads.

Some cabs around Eugene and Springfield weren’t taking calls because of the road conditions and some were hours behind schedule.

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