Residents Boycott Veneta Grocery Store

VENETA, Ore. — A group of residents in the Fern Ridge area are boycotting one of their local grocery stores. Outside the entryway at the Ray’s Food Place in Veneta around a dozen people held sings urging other shoppers to boycott the grocer.

This comes after protesters said a long time manager, named Wilbur, was relocated to a different store. Residents said this is one of their only local places to shop and used to be their community grocery store.

“That’s not what we want in our community and we want Ray’s to understand this is our community store and you can’t take our loved community members out and put him somewhere else just on a whim,” said Melinda Montgomery, a local Noti resident.

“We fear that this is just the first of many people and we care deeply about the people that are inside this market and we want only the best for them too,” said Leta Sellers, a Veneta resident.

Protesters said Wilbur was relocated to Oakridge and was offered an assistant manager position at that store. Employees working at the store said they were not able to comment about the management switch or the rally at the store.

We reached out to C&K Market that owns the store and our calls were not returned.

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