Residents Consider Changing Noise Code

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EUGENE, Ore. — The Whiteaker area in Eugene could be looking at a noise cap if some residents have their way.

Members of the community council say multiple complaints regarding the corner of Blair and Van Buren are what’s driving their consideration of changing the Eugene noise ordinance.

Many of the residents KEZI 9 News spoke with actually said while the noise in the area can be loud, it wasn’t too horrible.

In fact, most said while it’s more noticeable than it used to be, it’s kind of a trade-off with the recent developments.

Employees at Ninkasi say they continually try to work with their neighbors and minimize any sort of negative impacts, such as noise, as much as they can. They hope the community can figure a way to solve this problem without having to involve other parties.

“It’d be better to instead of changing it and not talking to the other businesses, we should invite them to the next meeting and all of us working together to come to a consensus,” said Zoe Gadsby, Ninkasi Tasting Room Manager.

Whiteaker Community Council members say the current noise code states that a noise disturbance can be any sound that “annoys or disturbs a reasonable person of normal sensitivities.”

They’re looking to make it more quantifiable by setting a specific decibel.

The Whiteaker Community Council is now gathering more input from businesses and residents. It hopes to have another meeting on the issue in just a few months.

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