Residents In Fire Collect Belongings

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EUGENE, Ore. — All residents living in a 40-unit complex near the University of Oregon will need to find another place to stay for the next one to two months after a fire caused extensive damage to the building yesterday.

Officials estimate the fire caused anywhere from $800,000 to one million dollars in damage to the apartments near 14th Avenue and Hilyard.

After seeing the damage to just the hallway, residents were concerned to see what the inside of their units looked like and what was left of their belongings.

John Queant, who only lives two doors down from where the fire started on the second floor, says his unit is mostly ok.

Most of his things weren’t damaged and many other residents say the same but there is extensive smoke damage to most of the building.

Queant initially spotted the smoke and warned everyone in the building to get out. He didn’t take anything with him when he ran out, so he was thankful for the help from his neighbors.

“When I ran out, I was barefoot. I was only wearing gym shorts and a shirt and people gave me shoes and this jacket and sweater that’s not even mine. I know some local businesses were giving coffee and blankets to people,” said Queant.

The American Red Cross was also there to help residents.

There were no reported injuries.

Von Klein Property Management says some residents were put in the Campus Inn last night and again Sunday tonight, while others stayed with friends and family.

Authorities say the fire appears to be accidental and the cause is expected to be released on Monday.

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