Residents Missing After House Fire

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CRESWELL, Ore. — Two men are still unaccounted for, more than 24 hours after a fire in Creswell. Investigators were still on the scene Thursday, sifting for clues to find out what happened.

The fire happened at a farm on Butte Road. Investigators say they haven’t been able to contact the two residents, 65-year-old Dennis Kelley and 69-year-old Carl McFarland, and they’re considered missing.

The fire started around three Wednesday afternoon and witnesses say it was a hectic scene.

“The house was just completely ablaze and people were down there freaking out,” said Reggie Sizemore, a neighbor. “The neighbor was telling us he was down there unloading his stuff and he saw smoke coming from the house.”

The fire is being investigated by the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Lane County Sheriff’s Office.

The sheriff’s office is asking anyone who has seen either man or their tan and white 1982 Ford F-150 truck, to contact them.

As for the investigation, the sheriff’s office says with the extent of the damage, it will likely be a little while longer before they can determine anything.

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