Residents Offer Houses for Rent During Olympic Trials

EUGENE, Ore. — Travel Lane County estimates 25,000 athletes, media and spectators will flood Eugene next week for the U.S. Olympic Track and Field Trials. But there aren’t enough hotel rooms for everyone.

Even if there were vacancies, you’re not going to find a hotel room close to Hayward Field. But you will find a fraternity house–one of the many alternative options track town travelers are taking advantage of.

Hotels for that time have been booked solid for months. And with the thousands of people coming to town for those ten days, visitors are having to book outside the box. And sharp citizens are capitalizing on the crowds.

“For the duration of the trials, everybody is just finding a different place to stay,” said Marc Card of Delta Sigma Phi Fraternity.

Card and his fraternity brothers made a deal with Brooks Running to rent out their 29-bedroom house to the company’s executives.

“The reason that this house appealed is that they could modify it the way they wanted to, and they could host promotional events here. They have a lot more flexibility with what they want to do,” Card said.

So the fraternity gets a check for $15,000, and Brooks gets plenty of room and a great location.

But for the majority of people just looking for a bedroom or two, Craigslist is the place to go. That’s where you’ll find listings like the Jordans’ two-bedroom guest house on the river in Pleasant Hill. Not a bad deal for about $300 a night.

“If we get somebody to stay the full time, we’re offering to make breakfast on the weekends. So I think it will be enjoyable for somebody to make it a vacation and not just come up for the trials,” said Max Jordan.

For those of you who don’t have guest houses, we talked to families who are taking vacations during the Trials so they can open up their homes and make money from renters.

No guarantee you’ll get any offers, but it could be a quick way to make a few thousand dollars.

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