Residents React to Ballot Initiatives

EUGENE, Ore. — Some Eugene residents could be paying nearly $250 if voters pass three separate ballot initiatives.

The Eugene City Council and county commissioners have voted to put initiatives on the May ballot. 4J could also add one into the mix this week.

The taxpayers getting hit the hardest would be those who own property and live in the 4J School District. That’s because if all three passed, they would be looking at three separate tax increases.

The city is asking voters to approve a service fee totaling no more than $10 a month, adding up to $120 a year.

Property owners in Lane County would be asked to pay $85 more a year to fund the jail and youth services, basing the rates on a median priced home.

If 4J votes on Wednesday for the $170 million bond to go on the ballot, which it’s leaning towards, that’s an additional $42.

If a tax payer were hit with all three, it’d be $247 more a year.

Eugene residents said, for the most part, they’d support all three.

Taxpayers already pay for the current bond and property taxes, and these taxes would be an additional fee.

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  1. don jones says:

    vote NO on everything. THAT is the plan.

    Ridiculous that I have to pay for THREE new ballot measures.

    Make things work with what you have. That is what I have to do.

    VOTE NO.

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