Residents React to Power Line Repairs

HARRISBURG, Ore. — The Bonneville Power Administration will begin rebuilding a 72-year-old power line next week.

Part of the project will include crews cutting down more than 6,000 trees from Junction City to Albany.

The 32-mile section of the Albany-Eugene Transmission Line has not been worked on since its construction in 1940.

BPA says many of the poles are worn down and are in need of replacement.

The project will create up to 60 construction related jobs.

Residents say they are just fine with the tree removal.

” You have to do it. I mean you don’t want to jeopardize the money invested in putting up new power lines and have the old trees fall on them. It would be a wasted effort,” said resident Marsha De Lanoy.

“We gotta do it for the progress around here. If they are old and have to go you gotta do something to make that happen,” said resident Jim Woodall.

The project will continue over the next two summers.

The trees that are removed will be replaced.

BPA says it will keep shrubs up to 30 feet for bird and wildlife habitat.

To view the map of the project, click here.

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