Residents React to Springfield Shooting

SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Springfield residents say a shooting in a local store parking lot came as a surprise.

Neighbors near the Walmart on Olympic Street say they regularly shop at the store and a shooting is the last thing they would expect to happen; but, they’re relieved at how quickly police handled the situation.

Barbara Bradley says her Springfield neighborhood is generally quiet and safe. A mother of four boys, she was shocked when she heard of the shooting outside of Walmart.

“To hear that something like that even happened over there, I was shocked because when you go to Walmart, that’s what you see. Families and little kids doing their school supplies shopping,” Bradley said.

Michelle Paquet also lives in Springfield and is a regular at Walmart. She witnessed the shooting on Saturday with her children.

“I come here all the time. I’m always walking between Jerry’s and Walmart. A little freaked out. Yeah, it’s upsetting,” Paquet said.

Police say unfortunately situations like this happen often, especially with the drug problem in the area being higher than average. They want the public to know they take the community’s safety very seriously.

“People have got to know that police here in Springfield are going to come after you if you do stuff like this; whether you sell drugs or you use drugs or you’re doing robberies, we’re gonna come after you,” said Sgt. David Lewis, Springfield Police Department.

As shocked and unsettled as both women were, they agreed that police handled the situation well. It helped ease their concerns.

“It was seconds. Like I said maybe 60. That was fast,” Paquet said.

“I’m really proud of our police department and the K9 unit. It makes me feel good that they are there that fast to respond,” Bradley said.

Bradley says her kids are active in her neighborhood and is thankful for the fast police response.

Springfield police says it took about 40 minutes to spot the suspect vehicle and block off the neighborhood from the initial call. The first suspect was caught almost immediately; the second suspect was caught an hour later.

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