Residents Share Their Meaning of Easter

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EUGENE, Ore. — The sun rose with Easter Sunday morning, creating ideal weather for egg hunters and church go-ers.

At Eugene Christian Fellowship, parents watched as their kids raced around the yard for eggs and candy. During that time, people shared what Easter means to them, everything from something sweet to something spiritual.

The day started off calm with a Sunday service and then it picked up with the egg hunt in the church yard.

“I got a lot of eggs,” said Lorena Albright, one of the kids picking up eggs.

“Seeing the kids come out, it makes me feel really loved by our community,” said Lacy Atomic, director of the children’s ministry.

Parents watched and cheered from the side.

“Obviously as a kid, you love your kids to death and you want to see them do things that make them happy. I’ve got three kids myself. All three of them had their baskets and making a mad dash for the eggs and a big smile on their faces as they picked them up and drop them into their bucket,” said David Fenley, a Eugene resident.

Fenley says Easter is a meaningful day for his family.

“Easter is the Super Bowl when it comes to going to church. It’s a big day, the big dance,” said Fenley.

A big day that has a different meaning for everyone, from satisfying a sweet tooth to family and faith.

“Having dinner with my family. My dad’s a chef so he’s working early today so he can come home early and make our dinner,” said Albright.

“We love Easter because it’s the celebration of Jesus raising from the cross but also to see kids, from their eyes, picking up the eggs and dropping it in their baskets is cool to see,” said Fenley.

“It’s so exciting and it makes me feel really happy because we’ve been planning and just seeing their excited faces running for that candy feels really good,” said Atomic.

“Between the Easter egg candy and getting to dress up and look extra nice for church on Sunday, it’s just turned into a great day for our family,” said Fenley.

Atomic says anyone in the community is welcome to join next year and they plan on having more activities, from bounce houses to more eggs and an Easter bunny.

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