Residents Stay Positive Despite Tornado Devastation

AUMSVILLE, Ore. — Dozens of homes and businesses were torn apart by a tornado Tuesday.  And in the face of disaster, residents are staying positive and staying together.

There are 3,600 people that live in Aumsville.  Not all of their homes sustained serious damage like this one.

But there is no one in this small community that wasn’t affected by the powerful and destructive tornado.

“Just seconds–It wasn’t even time to get scared,” said Dorothy Knight.

Knight is one of the lucky ones.

Her Aumsville home and her life were spared by a devastating tornado that ripped though her very tight-knit town.

For others, this could just be the worst week of their lives.

One home was lifted off its foundation and then dropped four feet to the east.

Inside a 2-year-old, his mother, and two dogs were all okay.

“Makes you appreciate what you have, and it makes you thank God that you weren’t hurt,” Knight said.

You’ll find that sentiment all throughout the tattered town — that it could have been worse and that now is the time to step up and help your neighbor.

“Get out there and put that energy in to labor instead of worrying and fretting about it,” Knight said.

Now life in this small Oregon town is on its way back to being “normal”.

“I think it’s a new beginning for Aumsville, I really do,” Knight said.

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