Residents Travel by Bus in Snow

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SPRINGFIELD/EUGENE, Ore. — Saturday was day three of the February winter storm and public works crews continue to encourage folks to stay off the roads. But if you were itching to get out and up to taking on the icy, slushy mess out there, you didn’t have to do it on your own. While many places were shut down, snow, sleet and even freezing rain didn’t stop the Lane Transit District (LTD) from getting folks to their final destination.

LTD’s Command Center has been busy since Thursday and Saturday wasn’t only busy, it was messy. But despite the challenging conditions, LTD say things were going relatively smoothly.

LTD Customer Services Director Andy Vobora says, “Everything rolled out this morning on time, but it hasn’t really stayed on time. Again, as the conditions have dictated that drivers drive more slowly and we have been having buses get stuck throughout the system all morning.”

Driver Scott Ward says, “This morning was definitely challenging, especially places where the snow plow hadn’t been but navigable. So, we can make it.”

Something that was a surprise and relief to many of their riders.

“I don’t know how I’d get around without them. I really don’t,” says rider Karen Howard.

Fellow passenger Tommy Glover says, “I have to get our store open and I’m the only one who doesn’t drive. I can’t believe I made it there. I rode with this guy this morning and he’s a great driver.”

On any other Saturday the buses bus would be pretty full, but passengers and drivers say on a day like this, it’s no surprise things were a little bit quieter than normal.

Rider Nadia Grace says, “There’s usually a lot of high schoolers, people going to work, that kind of thing, but today there’s maybe four people so not so many.”

But though the number of riders may have been down, the level of gratitude was anything but.

“We’re really grateful to LTD for giving us transportation during this weather,” says rider Tasha Yawn.

If you’re thinking about taking the bus, be sure to check their website and/or Twitter feed for the latest on detours. LTD says they plan on running their normal hours, but they are encouraging folks to stay home if they can. But if you can’t, be safe, be patient and stay warm while you’re waiting out there.

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