Residents Upset Over Trash Compactor

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HARRISBURG, Ore. — Some residents at a Harrisburg mobile home park say they’re being targeted unfairly.

It comes after they complained about the cancellation of trash service and the installation of a trash compactor.

Anita McClure and her husband have lived at their mobile home park for nearly 20 years, but she says for about the last three years they’ve struggled with having to take their trash from their house to the trash compactor. However, she says, for other residents who are elderly, who have disabilities or injuries, who take one to four block trek, it’s nearly impossible.

McClure says a rough childhood built her to fight for justice. She never imagined trash at the Springbrook Mobile Home Park would one day be at the heart of her battle for rights.

“We received a newsletter and there were a couple lines in it saying they were replacing our roadside garbage with a trash compactor,” McClure said.

Residents formed a tenant housing committee with McClure at the head.

“Then we started finding out that there were laws to protect us from this happening,” McClure said.

She and others say they discovered five Oregon statutes in the landlord tenant law had been broken. Among them, tenants did not get to vote on the changes and management refused to acknowledge the financial changes. Rent went up, not down.

“We’ve been paying for curbside garbage service and haven’t been refunded,” McClure said.

Her fight didn’t end there. The park management sent a letter targeting McClure. Park ownership says it will no longer address concerns with the compactor, calling it expensive and destructive.

“I feel like if you would stoop to that level, what else might you do?” McClure said.

The letter referenced a court decision in favor of the park. McClure says the committee tried to file a lawsuit but lacked a competent lawyer and their case was dismissed. She says it never got to court.

“(It’s) disheartening to have to put up with this type of situation. No one should have to go through this. It’s just not okay,” McClure said.

In a statement from owner Tim McFadden, he says, “Those issues have been litigated and the court has ruled in favor of Springbrook MHP. That ruling was not appealed and stands as the final ruling. The court’s ruling establishes that Anita McClure is incorrect. He goes on to say the majority of Springbrook MHP residents like the compactor.

Anita and others on the tenant committee say they will continue to put pressure on legislators and management at the Springbrook Mobile Home Park.


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  1. Concerned Tenant says:

    As a tenant, I believe that Anita’s behavior has gone on too long and way too far. The park is constantly having to pay to defend this stupid compactor issue. That money could be better placed. This will eventually result in raising our rent, or not enough money to go into the playground equipment we all have been wanting, or road repair that all the big trucks have done (including the garbage trucks), or lowering our speedbumps (that Anita has been fighting to get REMOVED as well, no matter how many children live here), or just basic repairs that will keep our park nice. The management also offers assistance to anybody with disabilities, just ask. My personal opinion, Anita and the MHP commitee is just bored and needs to find something more productive to do for the park. She needs to quit wasting all of our time, money, and resources on this fiasco. We all are really sick of this, please stop.

  2. sunnie says:

    I have lived in springbrook mobile home park for10 years straight and on and off for 20 I am verry happy with the compactor. We don’t have garbage spread all over the park do to animals, we can take out as much garbage in a week we want with out paying extra for it. Anita McClure has stated that she is being portrayed as a trouble maker according to her, I do not recall the letter stating that. She has started trouble in this park since she has lived here. If it is not one problem then she finds another one. There are more of our residence who are for the compactor then against it. Our managers have let it be known through letters and other communications that they are more than willing to help if someone has problems getting there garbage to the compactor. They have provided a garbage can at the compactor for those who can not lift there garbage in to the compactor. I’m not sure what more she wants. I guess some people are never happy unless they have stuff to complain about. The problem with this is this is costing our park so much money to defend them selves from false accusations that our park is going without other things we need need. We have been trying to upgrade our play ares and have spots in our road that need to be fixed. There are defiantly other areas we could place that money if we didn’t have to spend so much on attorney fees to defend ourselves.

  3. Michelle says:

    I am also a resident of springbrook mobile park. I am very happy with the trash compactor, and I know that there have been meeting’s and news letters were management has offered to take out anyone’s garbage that need’s assistance. With the compactor we can throw out more trash than we were able to with the curbside service, with out the need to pay extra fee’s that we would normally have to pay to go to the dumps. I do not feel anything in the monthly news letter was any sort of retaliation, Anita McClure has no problem spreading her opinion, but if someone else has an opinion she feel’s picked on or, like it’s a retaliation. Most of the people in our community that I’ve spoken with are happy with the compactor, and management in our park. Since the Shipleys have taken over as managers the park is much cleaner, they listen to all sides of complaints, and bend over backwards to make residents happy. Some people just arent ever happy, so with these kind of people there will not be a resolution, they’ll just keep finding new things to complain about.

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