Residents Voice Concerns About 4J Cuts

EUGENE, Ore. — Emotions soared as community members pleaded with the 4J School Board on a number of issues.

Main concerns Wednesday night focused on the school district cuts to mental health services and libraries along with the change to the school schedule.

Dozens of people turned out for the meeting.

Some residents talked about how students lives were saved because the mental health therapists helped respond when the students were contemplating suicide.

Library cuts were also a hot topic. Librarians told the board a cut to that department would prevent student reading and learning.

One concerned resident told the board this, “I find it unfortunate that the district is purposing the elimination of its mental health therapists when the trend nationally is to increase mental health services.”

Another woman told the board this, ” I am deeply concerned that our most vulnerable students are going to fall through the cracks.”

Then the conversation turned to the library cuts with one woman telling the board this, “Without the downtown library staff we will not be able to enter new books in the catalog, kids will not be able to check out new books and we will not be able to replace books.”

Then a local educator gave his opinion on the common schedule, “A common schedule does not mean an end to site based decision making. Teachers in every school will continue the creative and innovative professionals that they always have been.” Other parents called for a delay in implementing the common schedule.

4J didn’t ┬átake action on any of the issues discussed stressing at this time these are all proposed cuts.

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