Residents Weigh in on 13th Ave Bike Lane

6-24 Bike ConnectionEUGENE, Ore. — The future of a bicycle connection between downtown Eugene and the University of Oregon is starting to take shape.

Dozens of people gathered Tuesday night to share their thoughts and concerns over a proposed campus to downtown bike connection. The city started this discussion because of the student housing on Olive Street. Planners are considering a two way cycle track on 13th Avenue, however nothing is imminent.

“We looked for funding to build the 13th Avenue cycle track, but our estimate is that it could cost $1.5 million. It’s not something we could just build next year because we don’t have the funding available to do that,” said Rob Inerfeld, Eugene Transportation Planning Manager.

Some business owners spoke out at the meeting saying the cycle track would diminish their parking.

As the city searches for funding, it’s looking at signage to better direct bicyclists to the safest routes.

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