Residents Weigh in on Proposed Homeless Camp

EUGENE, Ore. — A possible homeless community could soon pop up near Cesar Chavez Elementary.

But before this happens, the community has a chance to weigh in, and it started doing that Tuesday night at a meeting at the school.

Those pushing for a semi-permanent place for the homeless say “Opportunity Village” would be just that: an opportunity for people who need a transitional space to call home.

Some students’ parents have concerns about the proximity of a homeless community near their kids.

But advocates say it would be a gated community, and oversight and background checks would be in place.

“It’s no drugs, no alcohol, no violence in the village. Any of those are reasons for not being admitted in the first place or being asked to leave,” said homeless advocate Ann Kelvin.

Kelvin adds that among the reasons they picked that specific site is the available infrastructure providing access to sewage, water and electricity.

And advocates say many homeless people already inhabit the area and this would provide a central place to stay.

Another meeting to discuss opportunity village will happen in two weeks.

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