Rest Stop Ordinance May be Extended

1-27 rest stopEUGENE, Ore. — With the illegal homeless camp known as Whoville on the brink of closing, the Eugene City Council may soon change the Overnight Sleeping Pilot Program Ordinance.

Citing the length of time it took to get the first rest-stop running, the city may extend the pilot program until October 31. The city has yet to open a second rest stop because it can’t find a volunteer organization to run the site. The extension is intended to help find a volunteer for the second rest stop.

Councilor Claire Syrett also discussed opening a third rest stop. She says it would allow a safe place for homeless people who may use drugs and alcohol, but have no where to go.

“It’s an idea of a kind of, de facto wet-bed. It’s not a great term, but that’s the idea of providing someone with safe shelter without reacquire them to be clean and sober,” said Councilor Syrett.

A public hearing for extending the rest stop pilot program will be scheduled for next month.

Councilor Syrett says she will make her pitch for a third rest stop later this week. The council also directed the City Manager to begin conversations with Lane County on regional measures to address homelessness.


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  1. Tank Commander says:

    “She says it would allow a safe place for homeless people who may use drugs and alcohol, but have no where to go.” Use of drugs and alcohol in a city-sanctioned area? Is she kidding?

    1. jose says:

      Yep… That’s right Tank. People make choices in their life. We not agree with their choices. But chasing them around the city from alley to alley and door step to door step doesn’t help them make different choices. Now housing first…or at least tents first…that becomes the key proven effect step to help deal with individuals with mental health and/or substance abuse issues.

  2. SoberUPKitty says:

    Councilor Claire Syrett, remember this name on the ballots. Cause it’ll be the last time you see it as well as anyone else who has a hand in this misappropriation of our towns funds..Mayor and City Council, you’re DONE, you should start cleaning out your desks now. You’re certainly not doing anything productive at them anyway.

    Sure they are using excuses that money is coming from other places to pay for this. But its not paying for everything. Whoville is COSTING money the city does not have. It does not pay for police to monitor this program, it does not pay for clean up, it does not pay for property values that are going down all over town because of this self induced blight.

    You tricked us with the idea of “helping people” but of course an ultra liberal bait and switch allowing drugs and alcohol for folks who should be looking for work. An individual lying in the street unable to provide his/her self with basic shelter because they would rather spend it on drugs and alcohol is not anyone else’s responsibility but their OWN. Take my hard earned tax money and give it to THAT? I think not. Want sleep? Go lie on the railroad tracks, you’ll get an eternity of it, i guarantee it. Its cheaper to clean up that mess than the one you are presenting us all with.

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