Restaurant Responds to Receipt Complaint

track town receiptEUGENE, Ore. — A family is upset with a phrase printed on a receipt at Track Town Pizza and the way the manager and employees handled the situation.

Shannon Wood says he and his family went to Track Town Pizza Tuesday night for a pleasant outing. But it quickly became an uncomfortable situation when his daughter read something he says was an inappropriate phrase printed on the receipt.

“Sitting down and getting ready to eat, my daughter grabbed the receipt. It’s always fun to get her name called out when we go out for pizza,” said Shannon Wood.

But Wood says when his 11-year-old daughter asked the meaning of what was written on the receipt, he was alarmed.

“When she got the receipt, she started trying to read what was on the bottom of it, and I was like, I don’t think that’s right,” Wood said.

Wood says on the bottom of the receipt was a printed phrase that said, “Would you let me” and then ended in a word that when sounded out loud insinuated a sexual act.

“My girlfriend, she started reading it and she’s like, I don’t understand what that means. I looked at it and I was like, that is disgusting,” Wood said.

Wood says he brought it up with the manager and staff who just laughed at what it said. Wood says he’s not as unhappy with what was on the receipt, as how staff handled his complaint.

“And he’s all yeah, we’re advertising our new pizza. I was like really, you don’t think that’s disgusting? I mean, that’s most disgusting thing I’ve ever seen. And so he’s like, well, I didn’t write it,” said

A supervisor we spoke with said he knew about the receipt and said an employee hacked into the computer system and they’re trying to figure out who did it.

In a release from Track Town Pizza’s corporate headquarters in Redmond, Oregon, it says in part, “An unauthorized person (presumably an employee) caused an inappropriate phrase to be inserted as our ‘message of the day,’ which we routinely add to customers’ receipts. Track Town Pizza deeply regrets this unfortunate incident, and is taking immediate steps to insure that such inexcusable conduct will not be repeated in the future.”

But for Wood, he just feels the entire situation could have been solved if the employees would have taken his complaint into more serious consideration.

“It just seemed like he kind of blew me off with it was a no big deal,” Wood said.

The supervisor said the word that was on the receipt was actually the name of a pizza that combines buffalo and barbeque sauces. However, we couldn’t find that name on Track Town Pizza’s online menu.


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  1. Mikael says:

    What could this word possibly be? Seriously, the way you’re censoring it makes me completely doubt the story. I mean, if it’s the name of a pizza, it can’t be that bad. Some people just can’t face the fact that the world is often more than their self-imposed shelter of existence allows.

  2. Ron says:

    I dont think their pizza is that good anyway. JMO

  3. mike says:

    Take the “Buff” from Buffalo, and the “eque” from Barbeque…see what they did there.

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