Restaurant Robber Caught

COTTAGE GROVE, Ore. — Cottage Grove police arrested a woman they say robbed a restaurant Monday afternoon.

Police say Kelly Walker went to the Pink House Restaurant and showed the clerk a firearm in her back pack. After the clerk and another employee exited the restaurant, Walker allegedly grabbed a bank bag and ran to a nearby bike trial.

The employee followed walker at a safe distance and police were able to arrest her at nearby apartments.

The bank bag, firearm and backpack were recovered.


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  1. Thumper392 says:

    Ever notice how meth and neck tattoos seem to go together. Hope cold turkey agrees with her…

  2. Ash Branstetter says:

    Its really sad for me to see these young men and women lose themselves to drugs and as a result are so desperate to get their “fix” that they go to these measures. I feel bad for all parties because I know all the wonderful people that work at the Pink House and I also know Kelly’s family and know that they have been trying so hard to help her in recovery. I have close family members that have struggled with addiction and thank god my family overcame their addictions. Its clear to me she wasn’t ready to save herself for her and her children’s sake and I prey this is what she needs to hit rock bottom and move towards her path to recovery. I will say please remember this girl has a family and what they are going through is very hard and the LAST thing they need to see are comments from their community bashing Kelly. She’s messed up and off track and yes what she did was hurtful and dangerous but please have respect for her family because they are anything but off track and they are trying to get her the help she seriously needs to save her own life.

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