Restaurant Donates to Sandy Effort

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CRESWELL, Ore. — As we see the video and hear the stories from the East Coast, people all across the country are digging into their wallets to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy.

ABC joined forced with all of its affiliates for a Day of Giving. Already, millions of dollars in donations have poured in. Most everyone you talk with says they’ve been watching the devastation from Sandy.

A local restaurant couldn’t watch anymore and had to take action to help the victims. The three sisters who own Rocket In in Creswell are doing just that. Monday’s proceeds will go to the Red Cross and Hurricane Sandy victims.

“I think there are a lot of people that want to give and maybe feel like what they can give is not big enough to take to the Red Cross or to do and so we have just been hearing thank you for doing this,” said Debbie Demanett, Rocket In co-owner.

“They have been wiped out totally wiped out and we need to help them, and I am glad that this is happening here in this town,” said customer Jackie Leggitt.

“We eat here all the time, but we plan on overspending today,” said Jack McCornack.

Those who can’t spend are reaching out in other ways, some even offering their blood.

“Absolutely Eugene is a very caring community and is aware of the world around them,” said Marshall White, Marketing Director of Lane Blood Center.

The Lane Blood Center isn’t sending blood to the east just yet. But it says if it can rekindle its supply of O negative, it can then supply some to the National Blood Exchange.

“We may be requested to back fill that given that so many blood drives have been canceled,” White said.

“There is always many ways to give this is just one of many and its nice to see people coming out to help their fellow mankind,” said Eugene resident Noelan Smith.

The grand total raised at the inn was $1,500. Their food supplier Sisco also donated some of Monday’s supplies. The owners say they didn’t think they would raise that much and they are very excited.

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