Retailers Charge More than 5 Cents

EUGENE, Ore. — The plastic bag ban is now a week old and many residents are questioning the 5 cent charge for the paper bags. Some residents say some stores are charging more than 5 cents.

The ordinance states that the 5 cent fee per paper bag is the minimum amount retailers can charge. So stores are free to charge more if they want.

“If people are charging more it’s just a message to people to bring your own bag and be aware of the resources you are using and chose to conserve when you can,” said Stephanie Scafa, Zero Waste Analyst.

Eugene was the third city in Oregon to pass a plastic bag ban, in an attempt to keep the city green.

The city council will review the ordinance in about 6 months to see how each aspect is working out for businesses and shoppers.


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  1. joe says:

    if your not going to allow plastic bags and your going to charge me for paper bags and make me break my eggs all over the parking lot because a paper bag can hardly hold its own weight i expect my reusable bags to be cleaned for me at check out im not going to pay for a bag instead i will just make the clerk carry everything out to the car wasting the stores money and time as well as other people in line all paper bags are good for is breaking halfway to the car

    1. George W Bush says:

      Gee whiz Joe,
      You sound tense. Carrying things is hard. I understand.
      People have to understand that it is hard for a man to carry eggs to the car.
      They should clean your bags for you. And carry your stuff to the car.
      You gonna be OK eating that food all by your self Joe?
      We could send someone over to help with, you know, the chewing and such.

      1. jason marks says:

        It is just a STUPID nickel.
        Think of the number of times you have tossed pennies because they were useless to you.
        Or the number of times you threw away a bottle deposit refund.
        Or the number of times you made wasted automobile trips, or joy rides.
        Or how large your cable package is.
        Or your stupid I phone and its $100 a month bill.
        Or the number of times you left lights on around the house.
        Or the number of times you did a half load of laundry because it had your favorite shirt.

        All this crying over a nickel is BEYOND RETARDED.

        Grow up.

        1. Autzenduck says:

          It’s not the nickel, it’s the principle – just another way of getting the already controlled citizens to conform and another way to siphon $ from our pockets by using misdirection.

          It’s a shameful example of the world we now live in – where being controlled by the government, and taxed by those who forget that they’re civil servants and not royalty, is a way of life here.

          It won’t change until the public wakes up and starts holding their elected officials accountable, realizes that every new law and hard-sell measure takes a little more of freedoms, and firmly reminds those in power that they were sent there to work for us.

          Mayor Piercy is a shining example of what is wrong with local government – she obviously needs to be reminded that tax money is OUR money, not her private fund to spread around to her followers and friends.

  2. Tammie says:

    I am curious about the fee for using paper bags in Eugene. It used to be that businesses built the cost of bags into their cost of doing business. I presumed they did the same for plastic and paper bags. Now that the plastic bags are banned there is a fee for using paper bags? Why? Isn’t the cost built into their pricing already? It didn’t cost anything for paper prior to the ban. Also, aren’t paper bags manufactured here in Oregon from recycled material? Wouldn’t using paper bags help keep those jobs and businesses in Oregon? Doesn’t that make more sense given the current economic situation? Perhaps an investigative report would help shed some light on what’s changed?

  3. hippie says:

    I think that cense I’m spending so much money at said store, I feel the “bags” (weather plastic or paper) be free of charge. Like it was back in the day. I totally get the “save the planet” and am proud to do my part, however, what happened to courtesy for the customer? It’s bad enough that food prices are through the roof!! But now you want to charge me for the bags I carry my food out too?? What’s next?, renting shopping carts?

  4. SAB says:

    Some stores (Winco, for one) will give you a discount for using your own bags. It’s usually $.05 per bag. Over the years I have been using reusable bags, I have recouped the initial cost of them tenfold. There are also many places you can pick up free reusable bags – I have one from Qwest, one from Xfinity, and one from the Kiva (which I got at the Eugene Celebration parade).

    Right now, LCBH Primary Care on MLK, Charnelton Community Clinic on 7th, and RiverStone Clinic on Olympic in Springfield are giving away reusable bags. This giveaway is until May 31.

  5. Jess says:

    Let’s see. We have a paper crises and therefore moved to plastic bags. Now we have a crises because plastic bags are bad for the enviroment. The grocery stores had provided paper bags for no charge before the switch to plastic bags. Hmmmmm……another way for the stores to rake their customers.

    Oh yeah…….The reusable bags sold by the stores……check to see where they are made…….All of Walmarts are made in China. Way to Support the commuists in China. Oh yeah, Chairwomen – Kitty is a socialist.

  6. rob says:

    the most pathetic part of this all is that the costs of bags are built into the price of the item you are buying already! the bag ban over steped its boundries and forcing them to charge another 5cents for something that the consumer has already paid for in the price of the item is jsut rediculas!

    when asked if i would like to buy a bag i tell them no i will be using a cart to take my groceries out to my car and then they will have to send a box boy out to retrieve my cart and see at the end of the year what cost them less giving out a bag i already paid for or fetching up carts from the parking lot?

    I suggest everyone does the same thing teach the morons that run this city and the greedy store owners that are double charging for bags a lesson. we might want a better envorment here in eugene but we dont want shafted in the kiester to get it

  7. Dan says:

    Government has NO BUSINESS dictating this asinine procedure with paper bags. I am fortunate enough to live close enough to do my shopping in either Eugene or Springfield. FOR PRINCIPLE I will be shopping in Springfield from now on!

    And for all the tree-hugging environmentalists out there, I always reuse my paper bags in some beneficial way. PLUS, if I had to use “reusable” fabric bags for groceries, they would have to be laundered regularly with a washer full of water and soap. How does THAT work for your environmental cause?

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