Retired Vets Inducted Into Hall of Honor

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SPRINGFIELD, Ore. — Some local retired soldiers were acknowledged today for serving their country.

It was a big day for six retired veterans. The 2/162 infantry conducted the ceremony today to recognize vets that the battalion chief says have gone beyond the call of duty.

Soldiers, both retired and currently serving, were in the crowd today along with family members. The audience stood up and clapped for each person as they were recognized for their service.

Major Scot Caughrin says it was important to have the younger soldiers present to see where hard work and dedication can lead you.

“The young guys look at this and it’s an example of what can happen if you commit yourself to the cause, if you commit yourself to the organization, and continue to serve. It’s good for them to see these guys that have done so much in the past to realize that they can be one of those guys,” said Major Caughran.

Four of the six vets were present at the ceremony.

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