Retirement Center Breaks Ground

EUGENE, Ore. — There’s a new retirement center being built on the city’s northern edge.

Right now construction crews are building the foundations for a 119-unit, 120,000-square-foot retirement center.

The site is on the east side of Coburg Road, just north of Crescent Avenue. Owned by Spectrum Retirement Communities, based in Denver, the new building will be three stories tall. Crews will have the foundation finished by the beginning of October, at which point the walls will start going up.

Most of the building will feature living space, but the first floor will have a kitchen and dining areas for the seniors.

When construction hits full speed, about 80 workers will be on site every day.

“This kind of work we always focus on having local talent, local contractors work on these facilities, so yeah, I think it’s going to be a shot in the arm for this area and all the local contractors that get involved with it,” said Dave Kopiczko, Construction Superintendent at Catamount Construction.

As part of the construction, the sewer infrastructure underneath Coburg is also being upgraded.

Depending on the weather, construction is expected to last 14 months, with residents being able to move in next October.

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