Rewarding Kids for Donating Toys

EUGENE, Ore.– Local children got a reward for giving to Toys for Tots Sunday.

Anyone donating a toy got to take a ride in a fire truck or a police car. It’s an annual fundraiser for Toys for Tots and brings together police and fire departments from Eugene, Springfield, and Oakridge.

The event’s not only fun for kids, but also the volunteers. “Especially with the fire engines and everything, they love getting the rides. I think it makes them feel better you know they get something out of helping to donate and it really helps out and I love seeing them smile when they’re out here and it’s really nice,” said Brandi Fuller-Stevens, a firefighter from Oakridge.

The fun wasn’t just happening outside of Shopko, inside volunteers bought $5,000 of toys with cash donations raised last year.

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