Richardson Report Released

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EUGENE, Ore. — The full report into why Lane County decided to fire former Lane County Administrator Liane Richardson has been released.

There were three main allegations against Richardson which ultimately resulted in her termination.

As of July 26, 2013, Richardson had cashed out more than 225 hours of paid vacation, sick leave and deferred compensation-amounting to more than $16,000 in extra salary.

The maximum amount allowed is 200 hours.

The report alleges Richardson was untruthful in her memo to county commissioners that she had just become aware she’d exceeded the limit and that she had used her position to violate county policy for her benefit.

The report goes into detail on a number of interviews.

In one interview with Lane County Commissioner Jay Bozievich, last July, he denies Richardson’s email to the Register Guard, alleging he gave her permission to change the structure of her deferred compensation and time management.

The report also says Richardson claimed Lane County Commissioner Sid Leiken and Lane County Commissioner Faye Stewart were aware, but they deny those allegations.

It also references an interview with an employee who alleges they would have to make changes to payroll to allow Richardson to cash in her time accrual.

That employee alleges former Chief Operating Officer Madilyn Zike directed them to increase Richardson’s take home pay since she had been recently denied a raise.

The 105-page report has everything but names of whistle-blowers.

A Lane County spokeswoman says because the judge ordered the release of the full report, this protects the county from being sued.

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