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EUGENE, Ore. — Dozens of bikes almost became recycled metal, instead they’re refurbished. The storage trailer at St. Vinnie’s donation center on Highway 99 is where donated wheels are dropped off; it’s also where refurbished bikes are stored for a special delivery.

“This is essentially a mid-level product that doesn’t need a whole lot of services,” said Shane Ayrsman, St. Vincent de Paul’s mechanical coordinator.

Ayrsman sorts through all donated bikes. The high grade go to stores for resale, the low grade are scraped and recycled.

Up until now, medium grade bikes were often recycled; but, it just so happens Ayrsman’s wife works at Head start. She knew families who could put the bikes to good use.

“He talked to his boss. I talked to my boss and we figured out a price so st. Vincent is happy and cheap enough for families to buy,” said Sarah Devore, Head Start Family advocate.

Each bike is $15. While they are not new, each bike is inspected. The brakes, gears, and tires in working order.

“They’re getting a lot of services done to them. They’re not perfect, but they are going to be ridable, useable and have a wrench go over so they are safe,” said Ayrsman.

150 bikes are slated for pick-up; 100 to be distributed at the Whiteaker Head Start and another 50 in Springfield next week.

Grants and donations will cover about 40 bikes for families who can’t afford them. Gears and the Kiwanas donated bike helmets.

Knighton: “So this is a really good program because it’s something we can actually afford and it’s good the bikes are actually being looked at and you know that they are good,” said mother Simone Knighton.

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