Rivals Team Up For Concert… Relief

reliefBROWNSVILLE, Ore. — Talk about relief!  Organizers of the Bi-Mart Willamette County Music Festival are making sure concert goers have plenty of options when nature calls.

Nearly 500 porta-potties have been brought in for the three-day concert event.  Two rival companies, “Best Pots” and “Bucks” are working together to meet the demand.

Scott Weld, owner of Bucks, calls the situation a rare opportunity.

“We’ve been competitors for years,” said Weld.  “It’s kind of unique that we can kind of get together and make this happen, as a team, and the thought processes behind it is to keep the big guys out, the Honey Buckets, keep the Sight Services, keep the big guys.”

Weld says the music festival in Brownsville will be his third straight weekend that every one of his available toilets has been rented out.

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