River Road Murder Suspect in Court

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EUGENE, Ore. — A Springfield murder suspect made his first appearance in court Friday, as we begin to learn more about the crime.

Robert Baimbridge is accused of killing Mo Tholl in a River Road home, then setting the house on fire.

Baimbridge made a quick appearance in court and seemed a little emotional. No family or friends were there, just the media.

Meanwhile, investigators continue to try to piece together what happened inside the home Tuesday.

The home remains a crime scene as investigators continue to snap pictures. We’re now learning more about its role in this case.

Lane County sheriff’s deputies tell us the man found murdered there, Mo Tholl, lived there with a woman name Shawna Schmidt. Two weeks ago, Schmidt and Tholl were involved in a domestic dispute.

“Shawna was arrested out of that incident, and she could not come back to the house or have contact with Tholl,” said Sgt. Cliff Harold.

Court documents show a lengthy history of domestic problems at the home, one associated with Schmidt, Tholl and Baimbridge.

“She’s had children with both of these men in the past,” Harold said.

Firefighters say they found Tholl’s burnt body inside the home, but there were other red flags.

“They could tell there were some injuries not consistent with simply related to the fire,” Harold said.

Tholl’s family says he was an outgoing loving man and father with a great sense of humor. Now a Facebook-based group called Random Acts of Kindness Eugene (RAKE) is rallying help for four children all younger than 13 caught in the middle of this tragedy.

“Right now I know they came into their situation just with the clothes they had on their back, and so right now we know that they need clothing,” said Angi Meyer, Rake organizer.

The group already has two collection sites and hopes the community’s response can offer the children some comfort as they grieve. If you would like to get in contact with that group, email angim99@yahoo.com.

Baimbridge will be back in court on Nov. 19.

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  1. Gena Amondson says:

    I met Mo back in 2004 in the rooms of NA, he always seemed to be so out going,caring and loving. I would like to send my sympathy and love to the children and family.

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