Road Flooding Poses Big Hazard

CRESWELL, Ore. — Heavy rain makes things a little difficult for some residents in Creswell.

Jordan Stevens emailed us about his street, Ricketts Road. He says every year, the street floods multiple times because of rain. It’s happened six times already since Thanksgiving.

Stevens says he took up the issue with the county and this is what they told him:

“They said that there’s no funding, and even if there were there’s not enough people living on the road to make it worth fixing, which to me sounds silly because I think one person living on the road would be enough to fix it,” Stevens said.

The street is a dead-end road, so when it rains, residents are pretty much stranded.

Stevens did create an online petition. If you’re interested in sign it, or helping him out, click here.


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  1. Tim Smith says:

    This road has flooded for many more years than Mr.Stevenson has been alive. He chose to live here. There are much more needed uses for tax dollars than here.

  2. jason marks says:

    umm, yeah, idiot… we are suppose to spend how much money on your pet project?

    fix it yourself.!

    No wonder this country is bankrupt. I want this, I want that…. gimmie gimmie gimmie, you owe me, special interest, money is no object, just for me…

    give me a break.

    stick your petition.

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