Road Plowing Questions Answered

EUGENE, Ore. — Almost a week after snow covered the Willamette Valley viewers are wondering why many roads haven’t been plowed.

KEZI 9 News took viewer questions to the Eugene Public Works Incident Commander, Chris Girard.

Girard says crews have been working 12-hour shifts to clear priority routes. He says the extreme cold weather is unusual for the area and that’s why it’s taking longer to clear some areas.

Girard added the rubber-tipped snow plows are not making enough of an impact; the snow and ice is too compact on many road surfaces. “One of the reasons why it’s harder for us to get into residential neighborhoods is because of equipment,” said Girard.

He says many neighborhood streets are too narrow for the plows to drive through. “The plowed snow has to go some place, and usually it winds up on the side of the road after we plow it,” Girard said.

Eugene Public Works will regroup once the roads have been cleared, to discuss if there’s a better way to handle an emergency like this.


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  1. Liz says:

    The real question is why the plows didn’t show up Friday night while it was still powdery and light (and before it got super compacted) and it was still easy-ish to plow. I am from the east coast where snow is abundant. We shoveled Friday afternoon and Saturday afternoon and our driveway is safe and clear. This was a major oversight by the city of Eugene.

  2. Alexis says:

    The Cities of Eugene and Springfield were not the only communities impacted by this unusual winter storm – a fact which appears to have escaped all three local tv stations. the outlying areas west, north and especially south of these two towns were very hard hit. But nary a word on any broadcast, print or website about Lane County’s “efforts” to do any road maintenance. Or maybe like me, everyone’s pretty much given up on Lane County actually doing what the taxpayers are paying it to do, which is something that very seldom happens in any County agency from animal control right down through zoning. Nothing happens. Zip. Zilch. Nada. I live north of Coburg on a heavily traveled County road (which the County Public Works tried to insist was ODOT’s responsibility and ODOT soon set them straight). The road I am on is a major arterial with several I-5 access roads. We have NOT seen a single plow or sander. Not a single one. This is unacceptable. Not to mention outrageous. Just north of the County line on our road Linn County’s responsibility starts and the road condition is safely driveable. The road I’m on could accurately be described as lethal.

    1. Bernadette says:

      Lane County should be sued for the condition of the roads. I haven’t received my mail since last Friday. This is unacceptable. Looking forward to the next election.

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