Roads Still Slick For Monday Commute

EUGENE, Ore. — The ice and snow emergency still remains in effect for Eugene. Public Works said those driving to work Monday morning need to be ready for a slick commute.

Plows and sand trucks have been working 24 hours a day throughout the city since the snow started falling Friday. But since the weather’s been so cold throughout the weekend, crews haven’t been able to effectively clear all the major roads in the city.

“It’s not the dry powdery stuff that’s the problem. It’s the underlying 2-3 inches of thick ice that really is only gonna be when we get a little bit of a warm up that we’re really gonna be able to get that off of there,” said Eric Jones, Eugene Public Works spokesperson.

Public works said another problem the cold has been causing is that deicer is not effective in these temperatures, making it hard to clear these roads.

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