Roadster Show Displays Local Hot Rods

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EUGENE, Ore. — Fans of vintage cars celebrated their Easter Sunday with a room full of classic hot rods.

Sunday was the second day of the Eighth Annual Eugene Roadster Show. The show’s co-owner says every year the show gets more and more participants. Hot rod owners said they had spent close to half a million dollars on restoring and rebuilding some of their vintage cars.

“This is so much fun. You get to see a lot of things. You get to see old style builds. You get to see high tech builds. You can see a multitude of different cars,” said owner Dan Graham.

Hot rod lovers said that the event was a chance to see some truly one of a kind vehicles.

Some of the older cars on display were rebuilt and equipped with more modern features like seat warmers and automatic headlights.

The event also helped raise donations for Food For Lane County.


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  1. Ron says:

    Not a very good show. Maybe next year they will have better cars

  2. BILL says:

    Eugene Roadster show sucked again this year. Mostly everyday drivers and trailer queens.
    Huge waste of time and money

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