Rob Handy Files Lawsuit Against County

LANE COUNTY, Ore. — Outgoing Lane County Commissioner Rob Handy is suing the county and three commissioners, accusing them of violating the Oregon’s Special Meetings Law.

This is the same thing Handy himself was found guilty of doing.

The lawsuit accuses Lane County along with Commissioners Jay Bozievich, Sid Leiken and Faye Stewart of having a special meeting on May 3 without at least 24 hours notice to the public and governing body.

The lawsuit also states that no minutes of that meeting have been issued and that the defendants–in this case the commissioners–haven’t issued statements describing an emergency that would justify their claims that the meeting fulfills the emergency meeting criteria.

We did find a video link on the city’s website to watch the complete meeting. It’s unclear if that acts as minutes in this case.

At that meeting the commissioners voted to release a lawyers’ letter accusing Handy of breaking campaign finance laws.

We left a message for Handy. It has not been returned.

We also left a message for his lawyer, Marianne Dugan. Her voicemail says she’s on vacation.

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