Four-Car Crash on Beltline & Coburg

EUGENE, Ore. — The backup on Beltline and Division likely contributed to another crash, this time on the Beltline Bridge over Coburg Road.

Four vehicles were involved, once all was said and done.

“Everyone was stopped right about where the accident happened, and the person in the white van, he didn’t realize and didn’t break and just came right into them. The whole trunk of the white car in front of him just exploded,” said witness James Franco.

That white Nissan hit a car in front of it, and an SUV behind the van hit it and rolled onto its side.

The driver of the white car went to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Photo courtesy of tripcheck.com.

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  1. judy reaves says:

    in all there wrer 5 cars the first car hit was the nissian that hit the car in front of her the white van that hit her was than hit by a mini van who was hit by a sedan the driver of the nissian is in the hospital with a fractured L 12 vertabre 6 staples in her head and multiplue bruises and a broken toe she had to b cut from the car she is my daughter

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