Rose Elementary to Close in the Fall

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ROSEBURG, Ore. — An elementary school in Roseburg will shut its doors in the fall.

Rose Elementary parents, teachers, and administrators say they’re disappointed that the bond measure did not pass.

For the school board and even the district superintendent, the failure of the bond levy came as a bit of a surprise.

“We’re obviously disappointed with the bond levy failing,” said Steve Patterson, Roseburg School Board Chair.

“This was really important to us and I was extremely disappointed that it didn’t pass,” said Larry Parsons, Roseburg Schools Superintendent.

“I think a lot of people don’t want to pay extra taxes, and I understand that and we’re just coming off of a economic depression, and so I realize that people don’t have funding,” said Jeff Plummer, Rose Elementary Principal.

Although the school board voted to close Rose Elementary earlier this year, the board always said if the bond measure passed Rose Elementary would be saved. And so many parents and administrators rallied together to try to save the school. But in the end, the majority of voters in Roseburg voted against the measure, meaning major changes are coming for students who go to Rose Elementary.

“Most of them will go to three other schools in our district. But there is a kid, at least one, that’s going to go to every single of the other eight schools in our district,” Plummer said.

“There will be a reboundary. The boundaries are going to change and there’ll be kids in each school that’ll most likely. Their enrollment may change. They may be going to a new school,” Patterson said.

All teachers from this school will transfer to different schools within the district.

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