Thorn In Rose Garden Budget

EUGENE, Ore. — The Owen Rose Garden is facing drastic cuts as the city of Eugene tries to balance the budget, but a local group has been helping keep it afloat.

The Eugene Delta Rotary Club will install a brand new kiosk right in front of the rose garden. It’s a tremendous gift, since Parks and Open Space is slated for a $300,000 budget cut next fiscal year.

The cuts come on the heels of last year’s budget cuts. The garden had to scale back on staff and get rid of some roses. Still, anyone who visits the rose garden can enjoy the pergola, gazebo, walkways and now the new informational kiosk, thanks to the Eugene Delta Rotary.

“It’s got a roof, panels that are covered and it can talk all about what’s going on at the rose garden. People will be able to know what’s in each bed, volunteer opportunities and they’ve done all this with the generosity of their spirit and contributed all the labor and materials that no way we would be able to afford with our budget right now,” says Lorna Baldwin with Parks and Open Space.

Since the 1990s, the Eugene Delta Rotary has invested about $100,000 in the Rose Garden. Every Thursday, volunteers help with the gardening, which is becoming more and more sustainable. The city has been reducing the use of pesticides and fungicides and figuring out ways to make their own compost.

The city says if the looming budget cuts become a reality, there could be significant changes to the garden. Some of the things they’re considering include closing the restrooms and cutting back on irrigation.

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